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Multiple Postdoc Opportunities in High-Throughput Computation and Battery Technology

Dr. Kristin Persson within The Energy and Environmental Technology Division (EETD) at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California has three openings for postdoctoral fellows in the area of high-throughput molecular and atomistic simulations of solvents, electrolyte salts and additives by first-principles/classical force-field methodologies, within the scope of JCESR battery hub. The candidates are expected to conduct cutting-edge research and datamining to investigate and predict transport, stability, and redox properties across the world of known molecular materials and beyond. Excellent object-oriented coding skills and previous experience with simulations of organic liquids/electrolytes or solid battery materials are essential.

More information:

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Web / UI Designer

Be part of the next-generation of scientific innovation. The Materials Project is a leader in the new wave of "data-driven science" that is already affecting how thousands of scientists, many of them world leaders in their fields, connect, explore, and interact with information and one another. The project is a key player in the US Materials Genome Initiative, launched by President Obama in 2011 to speed the discovery and creation of new materials that are essential to our economic and energy future. We are looking for someone with the desire and imagination to drive the Materials Project in new and exciting directions. You will work in a small team composed of both computer scientists and materials scientists, a team which will continue to grow and evolve as our fast-paced project pushes new boundaries. Your website will spawn computations on the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC), which is one of the largest facilities in the world devoted to providing computational resources and expertise for basic scientific research. We are seeking not just a narrow skill set, but web developers and designers who are versatile and passionate, ready to tackle new problems as we continue to push technology and science forward.


  • Work closely with materials scientists, statisticians, and computer scientists to implement solutions to tricky web development problems, such as:
    • web-based visualizations of multi-dimensional data to aid in scientific analysis
    • embedded social mechanisms to build a robust community around important data sets
    • adapting dense informational web sites to media such as phones and tablets
  • Embrace emerging standards while promoting best practices in order to push the limits of how the web can enable science.
  • Manage your own time, and work well both independently and as part of a team.
  • Launch, iterate and make a difference. Provide front-end coding expertise, and be ready to make the Materials Project better for our users.Perform all aspects of planning, coding, and development of web applications.

A successful applicant will have extensive expertise in:

  • HTML (HTML5 desirable) / CSS3
  • Javascript and JS libraries and frameworks
  • Information visualization (knowledge of javascript graphing libraries such as d3 and understanding of information visualization techniques highly relevant)
  • MVC-style development (Django experience is highly relevant)
  • High-level programming language (Python experience is highly relevant)

More information:

To apply, please complete both of the following: