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The Battery Explorer is a customized tool to search the Materials Project database for Li-ion battery materials satisfying various critical criteria such as voltage, capacity, stability and energy density.

Currently, this app contains approximately 50 lithium intercalation compounds. However, new compounds are being continuously added to the database, including many new structural predictions.

Using the Li-ion Battery Explorer

The Li-ion battery explorer is highly customized to make it easy for battery scientists to find the materials that they are interested in quickly. Useful defaults have been set for the voltage range, minimum gravimetric and minimum volumetric capacity. In fact, simply clicking Search in the Battery Explorer without changing any of the fields already brings up many interesting battery compounds. However, if you have a particular chemistry in mind, judicious use of the form fields will help you find the material you want efficiently. Here's a summary of the various fields and how they can be used:

  1. Elements - Use this field (alternatively, you can click the mini-periodic table to specify the elements) to limit the search for compounds containing only those elements present in the battery materials. F
  2. No. of Elements (inc Li) - Use this field to limit the search to battery compounds containing a total number of elements.
  3. Formula - The formula field should be used as an alternative to specifying the elements and number of elements. In fact, typing in the formula field will automatically fill up the element and no. of elements fields with appropriate parameters. The formula field can be used to restrict the search to compounds satisfying a particular chemical formula.
  4. Voltage Range - <th class="formLabel" rowspan=2>Min. Grav.

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</tr> <tr> <td colspan=6 id="advancedCheckboxCell"><input class="nonelements" id="advancedCheckbox" type="checkbox" name="advancedoptions"/>Show advanced options</td> </tr> <tr class="advancedFormRow"> <th class="formLabel"><label for="notelements">Excluded
elements</label> </th> <td><input class="formcontrols elements" type="text" name="notelements" id="notelements" /> <a href="#" onclick="pTableSelect('exclude');"><img src="Template:STATIC URL/images/ptable_icon.png" alt="use periodic table" /></a> </td> <th class="formLabel"><label for="materialsId">Materials Id</label> </th> <td><input class="formcontrols nonelements intfield" type="text" id="materialsId" /> </td> <th class="formLabel"><label for="battId">Battery Id</label> </th> <td><input class="formcontrols nonelements intfield" type="text" id="battId" /> </td> </tr> <tr class="advancedFormRow"> <th class="formLabel" rowspan=2>Max. Volt.
Step</th> <td class="rangeLabelCell"><label for="vstepSlider" class="rangeLabel" id="vstepRange"></label> </td> <th class="formLabel" rowspan=2>Max. Vol.
Change</th> <td class="rangeLabelCell"><label for="volChangeSlider" class="rangeLabel" id="volChangeRange"></label> </td> <th class="formLabel" rowspan=2>Max. energy
above hull</th> <td class="rangeLabelCell"><label for="ehullSlider" class="rangeLabel" id="ehullRange"></label> </td> </tr> <tr class="advancedFormRow"> <td>

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<a href="#" id="submitButton" class="button"><img src="Template:STATIC URL/images/submit-orange.png"/></a>